Lets play a game

Lets play a game   Myles loves to play….all the time. The title of this blog is Second Half which, in case it wasn’t obvious, means I’m getting older and at times I find it hard to tap into my childishness. Don’t get me wrong,  I have been known to be childish and it wasn’t very pretty but the childishness I mean is playing in a child’s world of make believe.

I would think of my sons growing up and some of the games we’d play. I was good at  physical games especially if a ball was involved. Patty, my wife who has the patience of a saint, would play the board games and the imaginary ones for hours. Two years ago I injured my back and it is hard to play the physical ones now. One TV show that my sons watched was Mr. Roger’s Neighborhood. I found the show strange at times but when I sat down  and really watched it, I would smile. His make believe seemed silly but it was easy to see why kids loved his land of make believe. His show was simple and made sense to them. He exhibited honesty and love without trying because that is who he was. I needed to become Mr. Rogers.

Myles brings back my childishness with the different  games he plays. He so easily draws me into his make believe world in that simple way expecting me to understand the game without question and I enjoy it but I do not have his make believe game stamina. Where he can go on for hours I have long ago run out of make believe steam but I keep on plugging away and I found that my childish imagination is still intact and I am getting better at it. I went back and reread some of the stories and books I enjoyed when I was young and realized they were written by adult authors who found it easy to tap into childishness.  I now have a new excitement when I read them to Myles and play all the different make believe games with him. I do wish I could be more physical but I like being Mr. Rogers.

Eventually the games will turn physical. One of his favorite is chasing game that  involves a lot of running. My mind says go, go, go but my body says no, no, no. The amazing thing is he senses when I’m tired  and will stop and ask me to read him a book or watch a video. I smile  because I know what he’s doing. He’s looking out for Pappy. Now, that is a good friend.

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