I volunteer at a local hospital and on a bulletin board they list birthdays of volunteers for that particular month. My name was on it for the month of July and when asked how old I was I replied 60. One of the high school volunteers piped up, “60 is the infancy of old age.” Oh well.

This blog is about my transition into my second half of life. I used to think about what can I do with my time. Now I think about what can I do with the time I have left. I have had a typical American life. Born in the South Bronx four blocks from Yankee Stadium, then when our family moved to a small town in Jersey I took up a Tom Sawyer kind of life. Met my wife of forty years, Patty when I was fifteen. We were High School sweethearts. A short stint in the Army then Patty and I were married shortly afterwards. Four terrific sons later we moved to Florida where I took a job as a police officer. Not the most enthused cop in the world but that’s a future post. The city offered one of those buy-out retirement packages and the rest is history.

I tried working some other jobs, part-time as well as full but grew tired of getting up early to be somewhere I didn’t want to be, doing what I didn’t want to do, and being told to do it by someone I didn’t particularly like. Took up many hobbies like kayaking, biking, photography, astronomy which were interesting but not entirely satisfying. Then it happened….

My son Dylan’s wife Teri gave birth to Myles. He defines me now. I do not intend this blog to be bragfest about my handsome, funny, intelligent grandson but about how I look at my Second Half both in reflections of the past and what may be in store and especially about some of the things Myles teaches me. You are invited on the journey. It will be funny at times but may be sad, poignant, and surprising at others.

Old Welsh saying: Perfect love sometimes does not come until the first grandchild. 


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